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Clinics and Externships

"Clinical experience is essential for learning how to practice law and developing lawyering skills.” —Professor Russell Engler, Director, Clinical Programs

Practical experience is a cornerstone of a New England Law education, and we offer many clinics and externships to help you develop your legal skills. We also guarantee at least one clinical or externship experience, and many students take more, given the myriad choices available, from international externships to judicial internships. 


Real-World Practical Legal Skills

"A New England Law education is very applicable to the practice of law in the real world. Many times, I’ve learned things in the classroom that I’ve used in my job at the law firm the same week!" —Abbey K. Young '19

You'll find countless opportunities to get hands-on training at New England Law. Through the Summer Fellowship Program, the New England Law Review, and other experiential learning activities, you can build your résumé and strengthen your job prospects by gaining practical legal skills.


Pro Bono

"It was really important for me to engage in work that would have a meaningful, direct impact on my community.” —Ying Wang, Graduate

Add to your practical law skills, build up your job network, and benefit the community. Pro bono and public service opportunities include the CORI Initiative and the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.


Academic Centers

"Academic centers in Business Law, International Law and Policy, and Law and Social Responsibility allow students to gain experience in their particular areas of interest.”  —Professor Eric A. Lustig, Director, Center for Business Law

Focused on addressing emerging legal issues, our three academic centers promote collaboration among students and faculty. Through the work of the centers, you can contribute to the latest policy research, advocate for others, and make an impact.

Moot court and mock trial opportunities in law school

Moot Court and Mock Trial Teams

"Mock trial gives students the opportunity to bring what they learn in the classroom to life and prepare them to be successful lawyers and advocates.” —Victor Hansen, Professor of Law and Advocacy Team Coach

Get noticed by both the regional and national legal communities—and potential employers. Our advocacy teams have excelled at a number of events, including the ABA Client Counseling Competition and the National Trial Competition.

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