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Media Inquiries

The Office of Communications and Marketing is available to provide members of the media with information about New England Law | Boston and its programs. It also acts as a liaison between the media and members of the New England Law faculty.

To request an interview with a New England Law faculty expert, please contact us at or (617) 422-7346.

Faculty Expertise

The New England Law faculty's expertise spans the breadth of legal discourse. Among their many specialties:

  • Asylum law and asylum seekers
  • Civil rights
  • Constitutional law
  • Criminal law
  • Elder law
  • Environmental law
  • First amendment rights
  • Human trafficking
  • Immigration law and policy
  • Intellectual property law
  • International business law
  • Marijuana law
  • Legal services for the poor
  • Refugees
  • Sanctuary policies
  • Trademark law
  • Women’s rights

They have held positions that include Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, U.S. Army JAG officer, and Director General of the Human Rights Department for the Organizations for Security and Cooperation in Europe.    

You can view our full list of faculty and search their areas of legal expertise here

Recent Publications

New England Law professors have been quoted in national outlets such as U.S. News & World Report, CNN, and Bloomberg, as well as many regional publications. Here are some recent highlights:


2022 Highlights

"Agnes Kolbeck, 3L at New England Law | Boston, named a Law Student of the Year"

PR Newswire, 3/16/22


"Global leaders impose sanctions against Russia to hinder 'their resources to wage war'"

WGBH Boston Public Radio, 3/1/22, Radio Interview with Professor Christine Abely


"Massachusetts-based app expands mental health resources for college students"

WCVB, 2/14/22, TV Interview with Dean Lisa Freudenheim


"The ruling class and the Supreme Court"

The Hill, 2/5/22, Op-ed by Professor Monica Teixeira de Sousa


"New England Law | Boston Announces New Law School Dean"

PR Newswire, 1/11/22


2021 Highlights

"National Association of Standalone Graduate Schools Launches"

New England Law joins a group of eleven independent graduate schools launching a new organization, the National Association of Standalone Graduate Schools, to advocate for their collective interests.


"145 Million Americans Cannot Afford Another Year Like 2020"

WalletHub, 3/18/21, Commentary by Professor Eric Lustig


"America must unite as one nation"

The Hill, 1/19/21, Op-ed by Dean Scott Brown


2020 Highlights

"Regulatory Compliance for Nonprofits"

NYU Law Review, 12/4/20, Op-ed by Faculty Fellow Christine Abely


"Online Malign: Digital education can outshine the classroom, if we stop expecting it to fail."

New England Law Review, 10/26/20, Op-ed by Professors Chance Meyer & Nicole Noël


"Protecting Native American Sacred Space: The Promise and Limit of Cultural Preservation"

Berkley Forum, 10/22/20, Op-ed by Professor Allison Dussias


"What if the Supreme Court has to become involved in the election?"

The Hill, 9/1/20, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"New England Law | Boston Professor Wins Greater Boston Pro Bono Award"

Boston Herald, 8/20/20, Press Release by Professor Caryn Mitchell-Munevar


"Supreme Court rightly allows the states to combat the coronavirus"

The Hill, 8/11/20, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman 


"The Machinery of Justice"

JOTWELL, 7/28/20, Op-ed by Professor Jordan Singer


"A sheer abuse of pardon power"

The Hill, 7/22/20, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"This National Reckoning is Overdue"

The Hill, 6/17/20, Op-ed by Professor Lisa Laplante


"1L student reflects on balancing work, life and law school"

National Jurist, 6/3/20, Contributed Article by student Dina Megretskaia


"Enforcing the Constitutional Limits on the Pardon Power"

Jurist, 3/14/20, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"Chief Justice Roberts is right about the importance of civic education"

The Hill, 1/14/20, Op-ed by Professor Lisa Laplante


"In search of a muscular judiciary"

The Hill, 1/08/20, Op-ed by Professor Jordan Singer


2019 Highlights 

"9/11 families still waiting on justice for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed"

New York Post, 11/10/19, Commentary by Professor Victor Hansen


"The Constitution doesn't require a vote to start the impeachment process"

The Hill, 10/12/19, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"Supreme Court justices should not be called conservatives or liberals"

The Hill, 7/31/19, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"Viewpoint: Taxing short-term rentals may spoil the season"

Boston Business Journal, 7/18/19, Op-ed by Professor Natasha Varyani


"How to Find a Strong Human Rights Law Program"

U.S. News & World Report, 6/10/19, Commentary by Professor Dina Haynes


"Viewpoint: Protecting privacy in the age of enhanced surveillance"

Boston Business Journal, 6/5/19, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"Does your district attorney have access to your medical records?"

The Hill, 5/23/19, Op-ed by Professor David Siegel


"A path to litigating Sandy Hook"

The Day, 3/24/19, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"Citizens lose when partisans play politics with the federal judiciary"

The Hill, 3/20/19, Op-ed by Professor Jordan Singer 


"It’s time to prioritize fair work schedules"

Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 1/13/19, Op-ed by Professor Monica Teixeira de Sousa


2018 Highlights 

"Summer Jobs Seen As A Way to Reduce Violence"

WGBH, 7/26/18, Commentary by Professor David Siegel


"Viewpoint: Supreme Court decision is dangerous and erodes union effectiveness"

Boston Business Journal, 6/27/18, Op-ed Professor Monica Teixeira de Sousa


"In weighing religion versus equality, the Supreme Court takes the cake"

The Hill, 6/6/18, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"ICE Agents Grilled For Arresting, Detaining Immigrants Who Visit Government Offices"

WBUR Radio Boston, 5/24/18, Commentary by Professor Dina Francesca Haynes


"Viewpoint: The unconstitutional millionaire’s tax proposal"

Boston Business Journal, 5/17/18, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"The Supreme Court and its big Second Amendment problem"

The Hill, 3/1/18, Op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


"Congress needs to take a look at constitutional use of military force"

The Hill, 1/11/18, Op-ed by Professors Victor Hansen & Lawrence Friedman


2017 Highlights 

“Her texts pushed him to suicide, prosecutors say. But does that mean she killed him?”

The Washington Post, 6/6/17, Commentary by Professor David Siegel