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Media Inquiries

The Office of Communications and Marketing is available to provide members of the media with information about New England Law | Boston and its programs. It also acts as a liaison between the media and members of the New England Law faculty.

To request an interview with a New England Law faculty expert, please contact us at or (617) 422-7345.

Faculty Expertise

The New England Law faculty's expertise spans the breadth of legal discourse. Among their many specialties:

  • Asylum law and asylum seekers
  • Civil rights
  • Constitutional law
  • Criminal law
  • Elder law
  • Environmental law
  • First amendment rights
  • Human trafficking
  • Immigration law and policy
  • Intellectual property law
  • International business law
  • Marijuana law
  • Legal services for the poor
  • Refugees
  • Sanctuary policies
  • Trademark law
  • Women’s rights

They have held positions that include Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, U.S. Army JAG officer, and Director General of the Human Rights Department for the Organizations for Security and Cooperation in Europe.    

You can view our full list of faculty and search their areas of legal expertise here

Recent Publications

New England Law professors have been quoted in national outlets such as U.S. News & World Report, CNN, and Bloomberg, as well as many regional publications. Here are some recent highlights:


2024 Highlights

‘Divisive concepts’ case correctly decided

New Hampshire Bulletin6/3/24, op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


Jurors on high-profile cases face stress, anxiety, scrutiny: From Trump to Karen Read’s murder trial

GBH, 5/31/24, commentary by Faculty Fellow Bhamati Viswanathan


Riots, arson, and executions: Immigrants have long faced a hostile reception in Massachusetts

Boston Globe5/8/24, commentary by Professor Dina Haynes


What Is Guardianship?

U.S. News & World Report3/18/24, commentary by Professor Lynn S. Muster


Healey’s pot pardon should be just the start of reform

Boston Globe3/15/24, commentary by Professor David Siegel


Donna Summer’s estate takes on Kanye West in copyright battle

WBUR Radio Boston, 2/21/24, interview with Faculty Fellow Bhamati Viswanathan


Shoreline access in the R.I. Constitution? Dennis Nixon was in the room where it happened

Rhode Island Current2/6/24, commentary by Professor Sean Lyness


Russia boasts it is beating sanctions, but its longer-term prospects are bleak

CNN, 1/29/24, commentary by Professor Christine Abely


Tenure on Massachusetts’ Highest Court Plummets to All-Time Low

Bloomberg Law, 1/26/24, commentary by Professor Lawrence Friedman


2023 Highlights

Opinion: Amid the Ukraine war, are sanctions against Russia working?

Los Angeles Times12/14/23, op-ed by Professor Christine Abely


Wrestling with statutes: The NH Supreme Court and the termination of parental rights

New Hampshire Bulletin12/6/23, article by Professor Lawrence Friedman


Next generation of women in law express gratitude for late Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

GBH News, 12/4/23, interview with Faculty Fellow Bhamati Viswanathan


Getty Images Plunges into the Generative AI Pool

Wired, 9/25/23, commentary by Faculty Fellow Bhamati Viswanathan


R.I.’s shore access bill is now law. Will it survive court challenges?

Boston Globe6/27/23, commentary by Professor Sean Lyness


Thousands of Afghans escaped the Taliban with the help of private veteran groups. Today, many remain in limbo, held in a compound in the UAE

CNN, 5/7/23, commentary by Professor Dina Haynes


Oil Giants Inch Closer to Discovery in State Climate Cases

Bloomberg Law, 4/26/23, article by Professor Sean Lyness


I-Team: Botched FBI interrogation part of ongoing training with Army Delta Force

WBZ News, 4/6/23, commentary by Professor Victor Hansen


An intellectual property law expert on Warhol, whiskey, and the Red Sox

WBUR Radio Boston, 4/3/23, interview with former Professor Peter Karol


‘Anybody need tickets?’: At Opening Day, an anachronistic part of the Fenway experience returns

Boston Globe4/1/23, commentary by former Professor Natasha Varyani


2022 Highlights

The law failed the victims of the Club Q shooting: Here are 3 ways we can honor their memory

The Hill11/26/22, op-ed by Faculty Fellow Eliot Tracz


Was it legal for Gov. DeSantis to relocate migrants to Martha’s Vineyard? Expert says no

WBZ News, 9/16/22, commentary by Professor Dina Haynes


After flat-footed response to a white supremacist march, questions about Boston police intelligence gathering

Boston Globe8/20/22, commentary by Professor David Siegel


The Rhode Island Senate must act to preserve the shoreline

Boston Globe6/3/22, commentary by Professor Sean Lyness


Global leaders impose sanctions against Russia to hinder 'their resources to wage war'

WGBH Boston Public Radio, 3/1/22, interview with Professor Christine Abely


Massachusetts-based app expands mental health resources for college students

WCVB, 2/14/22, interview with former Dean Lisa Freudenheim


The ruling class and the Supreme Court

The Hill, 2/5/22, op-ed by former Professor Monica Teixeira de Sousa


New England Law | Boston Announces New Law School Dean

PR Newswire, 1/11/22


2021 Highlights

Covid vaccine: Can US troops be punished for refusing the jabs?

BBC News, 11/27/21, commentary by Professor Victor Hansen


Should the federal death penalty be abolished?

Boston Globe10/28/21, commentary by Adjunct Lecturer James Rooney


The Anti-Trafficking Movement Is Pivoting to Afghanistan

Vice, 10/12/21, commentary by Professor Dina Haynes


Expert suggests Rhode Islanders might need to rethink the law on shoreline rights

Boston Globe, 9/23/21, commentary by Professor Sean Lyness


Article II should not be a blank check for the president

The Hill, 7/23/21, op-ed by Professors Lawrence Friedman and Victor Hansen


It's time to require country of origin disclosures for products sold online

The Hill, 6/10/21, op-ed by Professor Christine Abely


Do Military Courts Play a Role in the Wake of January 6?

PBS Frontline, 5/25/21, commentary by Professor Victor Hansen


National Association of Standalone Graduate Schools Launches

New England Law joins a group of eleven independent graduate schools launching a new organization, the National Association of Standalone Graduate Schools, to advocate for their collective interests.


145 Million Americans Cannot Afford Another Year Like 2020

WalletHub, 3/18/21, commentary by Professor Eric Lustig


America must unite as one nation

The Hill, 1/19/21, op-ed by former Dean Scott Brown


2020 Highlights

Regulatory Compliance for Nonprofits

NYU Law Review, 12/4/20, op-ed by Professor Christine Abely


Online Malign: Digital education can outshine the classroom, if we stop expecting it to fail.

New England Law Review, 10/26/20, op-ed by Professors Chance Meyer & Nicole Noël


Protecting Native American Sacred Space: The Promise and Limit of Cultural Preservation

Berkley Forum, 10/22/20, op-ed by Professor Allison M. Dussias


What if the Supreme Court has to become involved in the election?

The Hill, 9/1/20, op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


Supreme Court rightly allows the states to combat the coronavirus

The Hill, 8/11/20, op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman 


The Machinery of Justice

JOTWELL, 7/28/20, op-ed by Professor Jordan Singer


A sheer abuse of pardon power

The Hill, 7/22/20, op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


This National Reckoning is Overdue

The Hill, 6/17/20, op-ed by Professor Lisa Laplante


Enforcing the Constitutional Limits on the Pardon Power

Jurist, 3/14/20, op-ed by Professor Lawrence Friedman


Chief Justice Roberts is right about the importance of civic education

The Hill, 1/14/20, op-ed by Professor Lisa Laplante


In search of a muscular judiciary

The Hill, 1/8/20, op-ed by Professor Jordan Singer