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Looking for the perfect present for the future (or current!) law student in your life? We asked law students to share the gifts they really want.

School supplies and other stationery

“Lots of highlighters!” —Crystal Cascante ’20

“An up-to-date pocket version of Black’s Law Dictionary and an external hard drive.” —Amber Holmes ’20

“It sounds random but a notebook stand!” —Cayla Barbour ’18 

“Water bottles, highlighters, pens, and notebooks are great gifts!” —Jennifer Bade ’20

"A detailed planner for hourly planning. A fun stress ball. Sound-canceling headphones. Non-bleed multicolored highlighters. A Spotify/Apple Music membership. Flashdrive." —Dayna DelMastro '21

More gifts recommended by law students: Planners, pencils, binders, index cards

Professional items

“A suit or a blazer is an amazing gift for a soon-to-be law student. There are so many networking events to attend that require business attire. Also interviews for 1L summer internships roll around pretty quickly, and business attire is a must. I even received a lint roller once and was genuinely grateful. You don’t value something like a lint roller until you’re on your way to an interview or a networking event and find lint on your clothes!” —Xena Robinson ’19

“A laptop, a book bag, a suit, a tie, dress shoes.” —Anthony L. Bush ’20

More gifts recommended by law students: A nice laptop bag or other professional bag big enough to fit a binder


“Starbucks gift cards, because we need a lot of caffeine.” (Of note: exclaimed whilst in a Starbucks) —Chelsea Carlton ’19

“If you’re on a budget and some of these [gift ideas] are on the expensive side, a gift card to a coffee shop would be just as appreciated.” —Xena Robinson ’19

“Some gift cards to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, because who can survive law school without coffee?!” —Amber Holmes ’20

More gifts recommended by law students: Coffeemakers, bags of coffee, k-cups, travel coffee mugs

Stress relief and fun activities

"Law students do not have as much time as the average person for leisure activities. With that being said, the personal time we do have is so important. If a student works out or has a hobby, I would recommend gifts focusing on that area of interest, rather than 'things' that take up space in a small Boston apartment! For example, a gym membership, yoga classes, or a gift certificate to a spa would be great." —Anna Madrishin ’20

“Relaxation. This can take many forms, but, basically, law school is three years of grinding work, so the best gift loved ones can give to future law students is some down time to relax, read a book they’ve been wanting to read, and collect their bearings.” —Eric DeMoura ’19

“Whether it be a massage or a pedicure, a good book that is non-law related, or even an outing to a sports event or concert, give your law student anything that will give them a moment away from stressors in an environment that will calm the mind.” —Ashley D. Rozes ’18

More gifts recommended by law students: Babysitting services (if the law students are also parents)

Cold, hard cash

“Donations to a textbook fund, especially for the first year of law school.” —Hailey Manfredi ’19

“After the first year of law school, I would recommend giving money to go toward a bar prep course and cost of living expenses during bar exam prep so your student doesn’t need to stress about working while trying to pass the bar exam.” —Brigitte A. Alexander ’18

“Honestly, the best gift for soon-to-be law school students would be money, even small amounts. It may not seem significant now, but having some extra money for coffee, food, or books is always a blessing when you are on a student budget.” —Mariyam B. Bhatti ’20

"Nothing is better than gift cards for lunch or coffee between classes. Right across the street from New England Law, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Jimmy Johns. A gift card that provides a free coffee or snack to get a student through a late night of studying is invaluable." —Anna Madrishin ’20

“Money. We’re students, after all!” —George N. Malonoukos ’20

More gifts recommended by law students: Gift cards to places like Amazon, Chipotle, and—of course—Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks

One more time for good measure: law students want coffee! Luckily, there are plenty of coffee shops within a short walk of New England Law | Boston. You can learn more about what’s near our campus (and where our students put these gifts to good use!) here.