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Every city has a distinct vibe about it, and Boston is no different. Rooted in historical significance, Boston has a reputation for being a fast paced hustle-and-bustle city, yet still maintains its warm New England charm.

Each year students from all over the globe make the pivotal decision to spend the duration of their law school career in Boston. To make your decision easier, here are the top reasons why you should choose Boston for law school:

1. Walkability

You might be wondering “Do I need to have a car during law school?” Not in the City of Boston you don’t. For students who choose to live in the city, most elements of your week, from attending class, swinging by the store to pick up groceries, running along the Charles River, and nights out on the town, will all be within walking distance! And anything that isn’t, is usually accessible via public transportation. 


2.  Good Eats

If you’re living in Boston, the greatest conundrum you’ll run into is deciding where to eat. In Boston’s 7,288 city blocks, you’ll find a vast range of cuisine options ranging from pasta and pastries in the North End, to classic New England eats in the Seaport, to comfort food-filled dive bars on every corner. In the warmer months you can bask in the sun on an outdoor patio or rooftop bar, and during the winter, order takeout; nearly everywhere has delivery options! For anyone that prefers to cook at home, fresh produce is also easy to come by. Boston holds approximately 27 open air farmers markets in the warmer months and even a handful in the colder months as well.

3.  Career Opportunities

When thinking about where to go to law school, it’s important to consider what opportunities will be available to you during and after you complete your degree. Boston is a mecca for gaining experience through internships, fellowship placements, and full-time positions post-grad. New England Law students and grads have had the pleasure of gaining experience at organizations like Boston Medical Center, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Northeast Justice Center, Red Sox Foundation, PUMA, as well as the State Senate and a range of other Boston-based employers.



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4. Diversity

In a ranking of the most ethnically diverse cities across the United States, Boston was ranked #6 in its size category. Boston is home to individuals stemming from a variety of cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. You can immerse yourself in culture that’s new-to-you through museums, food, live music, services, and other events put on by the City and individual groups!

5. Sports

Whether you watch basketball, follow baseball, or live for football games, Boston has a championship-winning sports team for every league (cc: The Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots). Alternately, maybe playing sports rather than watching them is more your style. Lucky for you, Boston has intramural leagues for nearly any sport that you can think of.



If you aren’t already convinced, Boston law students also study for Contracts exams and read up for Criminal Procedure with views of blooming gardens in the summer, foliage in the fall, and quiet snowfall in the winter. But if those visuals aren’t enough for you, let us give you a run-down of what student life will be like on New England Law’s campus.