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Students can earn a certificate in Tax Law concurrent with their JD

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BOSTON, September 27, 2021 -- Independent law school New England Law | Boston has announced the introduction of a new certificate program in Tax Law, in response to growing demand and strong support from alumni and current students alike. Learn more at

A tax law certificate from New England Law will provide a strong foundation upon which students will study and develop a deep understanding of several areas of tax law, the policy considerations underlying those subjects, and the ability to interpret, apply, and plan or predict the likely result when addressing a specific tax issue.

The program will be directed by Professor Wilton B. Hyman, who also serves as a co-advisor for the school’s Small Firm Practice concentration. Professor Hyman has deep expertise in tax law and policy, the intersection of tax law and race, and health care law. He is the author of several articles on tax issues and the black business community.

“New England Law has a deep, rich history of preparing and educating law students who pursue successful tax law careers in private practice and in government, and who choose to further their education through the pursuit of advanced degrees in taxation,” said Hyman. “Our new Tax Law certificate program expands our tax course offerings and will provide our students with exposure to a greater number of tax law disciplines, and to cutting-edge and emerging tax issues.”

Students may earn a certificate concurrently with their Juris Doctorate (JD) degree by completing a designated number of credits with a specified GPA in program-specific courses. Each certificate program also has a required experiential learning component, which includes internships, clinics, moot court/mock trial competitions, and other options.

Certificate programs enable students to gain targeted real-world experience in competitive legal fields. With the most recent addition, New England Law now offers certificates in five disciplines:

  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Criminal Practice and Procedure
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Tax Law


For more information about certificate programs at New England Law, visit