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Armed conflict, national security, war crimes, military trials and detention: these subjects invoke deeply felt concerns about domestic safety, patriotism, and the fundamental principles of justice. But it can be difficult for the non-military population to contemplate these issues from the perspective of those who have experienced the theater of war. At New England Law | Boston, Professor Victor Hansen bridges that crucial gap.

As a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who served as an Army defense attorney, prosecutor, and professor at the Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School, Professor Hansen brings an insider’s perspective to military law, national security, and criminal justice matters. He has applied the principles of justice and honor in his teaching, scholarship, and public advocacy with a clear-eyed vision borne of twenty years’ military law experience.

In addition to directing the Criminal Practice and Procedure certificate program at New England Law, Professor Hansen teaches Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, National Security Law and Prosecutorial Ethics. He is also instrumental in organizing campus events concerning military law, such as visits from the Army Court of Criminal Appeals.

Professor Hansen’s six co-authored books on military justice share a decidedly practical approach, aiming to both encourage reflection and teach readers about the law of armed conflict as applied to action in the field. His articles, editorials, and many professional appearances all share the earmarks of evenhanded advocacy and practical knowhow.

Professor Hansen has testified before the U.S. Commission of Civil Rights on the topic of sexual assault in the military and has spoken to the New York Bar Association on international security, the Air Force on the role of military lawyers in the global war on terror, and at the Asia Pacific Center for Military Law in Australia on military justice in the modern age. He is a National Institute of Military Justice Advisor and has served as that institute's director and vice president.

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