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For first-generation students in particular, those who are the first in their family to go to law school, the idea of starting on the path to becoming a lawyer can be especially daunting. But selecting a school that offers a first-generation program, or additional resources for first-gen students is a way to ensure that your law career gets off to a smooth start. 

The First Generation Students Program at New England Law | Boston gives first-gen students the chance to attend events that support them in networking, post-grad job searching, ensuring mental health and wellness, and more. The program provides mentorship opportunities where students are paired with first-gen alumni. First-gen students are also eligible to be awarded an additional merit scholarship.

Since no one is better suited to talk about their experience than our students themselves, we decided to ask some current first-generation students how this program has impacted their law school career thus far:


Combating imposter syndrome 

“This program has helped shape my law school career by giving me confidence and has helped quell those thoughts of "imposter syndrome." It has made me feel like I have a community and support system. Without the program, I think I would have felt more overwhelmed and more isolated throughout my first year. It is a great place to vent, get support, connect with peers, and realize that you are not alone in feeling the way you do. It was a source of strength and empowerment.” - Caitlin Whitman ‘22


Providing a support system 

Professor Teixeira de Sousa, Barbara Bowe, and fellow students are all extremely respectful of one another. Those involved allow each person their space to talk and share, giving encouragement. We might all feel the extra burden of “fitting in” but we don’t have to feel that alone. And we can gain confidence in the space we are in going forward.” - Eva de Charleroy ‘21


Blazing the trail

“Having Professor Teixeira de Sousa, who is a first-generation lawyer herself, along with a sizeable group of incoming, current, and graduating first-generation students, it provides comfort to know others have succeeded in this path and that we can blaze the trail for others along the way!” -Kyle Cullen ‘21

All first-generation law students enrolling at New England Law are invited and encouraged to join the First Generation Students Program. Information is presented at new student orientation, but for scholarship consideration, students should indicate that they are first generation on their law school application