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A 30-year veteran lawyer and current judge shares simple but important tips for making the most of your experience at New England Law—or any law school.

Alfredo Conte’s life shows just how influential your choice of law school can be: He met his wife, another alumnus, at New England Law | Boston their very first day on campus. He was introduced to his life’s work—workers’ compensation law—in a class. He got his first job in the field by connecting with another New England Law alumnus (and found a mentor and friend in the process). And now his youngest son is carrying on the family legacy as a 1L student. 

So it’s not surprising that he has plenty of wisdom to share for incoming and current law students at New England Law and beyond. Here are Conte’s top tips for enjoying and making the most of your time at New England Law | Boston.

  1. Study hard.
  2. Be a good student citizen and collaborate with and help your fellow students whenever you can.
  3. Absolutely, positively enroll in any legal clinic of interest to you, as it will provide you with an entry-level look at the “hands-on” approach to the practice of law. It is also a good resume builder.
  4. Be assertive, and never be afraid to inquire into any summer or postgraduate employment opportunities that may fit you.
  5. Enjoy the three-year (or four-year for evening students) learning process and student experiences offered.
  6. Start networking as soon as possible.
  7. Volunteer your services if you can.
  8. Don’t worry about the critics and naysayers who tell you that when you graduate you won’t get a job. You will. The economy will always have its ups and downs, but the practice of law is ingrained in the very fabric of our society, and there will always be a demand for talented, hardworking attorneys.
  9. Don’t let anyone ever get in the way of the life goals you have set for yourself.

What are you waiting for! Make the most of your time in law school—learn more about getting involved with practical experiences and student life.

Alfredo Conte is an Associate Judge in the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court and a 1987 graduate of New England Law | Boston.