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Student budgets at New England Law | Boston allow for a moderate standard of living suitable for a graduate student. Our students have varied circumstances, so actual living expenses will differ.

New England Law uses four standard expense budgets for students: two for full-time day students (living with parents/family or on their own) and two for part-time (day or evening) students (living with parents/family or on their own).

Budget Adjustments Due to Changes in Personal Circumstances

Certain changes in personal circumstances that were not originally reported on FAFSA or the Financial Aid E-App are allowable increases to a student’s approved budget. Appropriate documentation must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid. Please be aware that there are specific requirements for each of these expenses that must be met for the adjustments to be granted. Examples of such changes include:

  • Computer purchases (computer, printer, hardware, and software) made during the academic year
  • Day-care costs for dependent children while you are in class and during study times for months when you are enrolled. If you are married, you may be eligible for an increase of up to half the cost of day care.
  • Health-care costs for unusual and excessive medical expenses incurred during the academic year that are not otherwise reimbursed by insurance and that are medically necessary (not elective)