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Vaishali Ramlal

BA, New York University


I have a lot of hometowns! If I have to pick, I’d say either New York City or Miami.


Vaishali Ramlal

Class of 2020

Favorite class I’ve taken.

My favorite class so far has been Constitutional Law. It’s just been really interesting. We’ve learned how the Supreme Court defines the clauses and amendments of the Constitution in the cases it hears, and what tests the Supreme Court uses to define the outcome of the case. This impacts everything from free speech to abortion rights. I could get more specific—but you’ll just have to take this class!

On my Classmates

Inclusive, welcoming, and close-knit. You have classes with your 1L peers five days a week, and you all get to know each other. Then, through becoming involved in the various student associations, you can get to know 2Ls, 3Ls, and part-time evening students as well. Everyone in the school is willing to help you out in some way, because they are either in the same boat as you right now or they were once in your place. Everyone accepts you for being you, no questions asked. Your classmates will always have your back if you need them.