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Nicholas Babaian

BA, California State University, Chico Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology, Cornell University


Political Science, Legal Studies


Monterey, California

Prior Work Experience

Pro-Per Order Assistant, Superior Court of Butte County; Student Assistant, Office of the Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Science; Program Director, Community Legal Information Center; Youth Mentor, Restore Program

Work Experience

Summer Fellow, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office; Law Clerk, United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts; Law Clerk for the Honorable Anthony Campo at Suffolk County Superior Court; 3:03 Certified Student Prosecutor, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office

Extracurricular Activities

CORI Initiative, Criminal Law Society, Constitutional Law Society, Federalist Society
Executive Online Editor, New England Law Review
Trial Team Member, New England Law Mock Trial Team 



Nicholas Babaian

Class of 2020

One of the best experiences I’ve had at law school.

The best experience that I have had at New England Law has been during my time with the CORI Initiative. We have had a few events where we met with our clients in person, facilitating the process for their motion to seal their criminal records. These in-person meetings have been an amazing experience, one that I am fortunate to have had as early as my fall semester of my first year of law school.

Favorite class I’ve taken.

It’s a toss-up between Torts with Professor Eric Lustig or Civil Procedure with Professor Jordan Singer. In Torts, you learn that people basically sue for anything and everything, which provides for some entertaining cases. In Civil Procedure, you get to learn about some critical attorney strategies.

On my Classmates

My classmates have become some of my closest friends. I relocated to Boston for school, so being able to find some great people to study or hang out with has been important. I actually went to Iceland for a week with some law school friends!

On the Faculty

The faculty has been awesome. And they have been more than great teachers; they have been great mentors as well. They all are very knowledgeable within the subjects they teach and have guided some great discussions. Additionally, they have always been accessible for meetings and email questions, which can be invaluable with tough legal topics.

On Alumni

I would say the alumni are always eager to hire and help New England Law students. They go out of their way to be accessible to us.

On Career Services

The Career Service Office has been nothing short of amazing. They do everything in their power to assist you in finding the perfect job or internship. Personally, they helped me with my résumé and cover letter, which helped me lock down a job this summer at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

On Education

I have certainly received a great legal education from New England Law. I have learned that law school is what you make of it and New England Law will offer everything needed to achieve an exceptional legal education.

On Experience

My overall experience at New England Law has been very good. Education being the most important aspect, I have had a great time learning the necessary legal components for a future in the legal profession. The friends I met along the way have made it an even better experience.

One Piece of Advice for Someone Trying to Decide Where to Go to Law School

Pick a school that best matches your interests. Look for the law school that has an alumni base, clinical experiences, and courses in the area(s) of law that you are interested in.