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Jennifer Bade

BA, Virginia Commonwealth University


Richmond, Virginia (but born and raised in Bavaria, Germany)


Jennifer Bade

Class of 2020

One of the best experiences I’ve had at law school.

It’s not a single experience, but I have just really loved all of my professors. I feel like I learned so much, and they are always available when I need some extra help. I believe they truly care about their students, and I think that is pretty rare in a law school environment. All of the support staff at New England Law has been pretty incredible. I loved my Academic Excellence Program professor, my academic advisor, and my Career Services Office advisor. New England Law compiles an incredibly caring team to meet all of its students’ needs.

Favorite class I’ve taken.

I thoroughly enjoyed Legal Research and Writing (LRW), as well as Criminal Law. I was an Art History major during my undergraduate studies, and I have always enjoyed writing and researching, so the LRW class resonated with me. I also very much enjoyed the oral argument during our LRW class this semester, as I feel like it gave all of us a bit of practice and an idea of what real-world litigation will look and feel like. Regarding Criminal Law, initially I did not expect to be so fascinated by the subject. But the class really opened me up to an entirely new legal interest I did not know that I had, and I felt the professor did a great job teaching us the law and keeping me continuously engaged in the material.

Why did I choose New England Law?

Attending an admitted student open house really won me over. I remember that my tour guide was very warm and helpful and answered all of my questions. I liked the collegial feel the school had. During lunch at the open house, adjunct professor and judge David Lowy sat down beside me and told me a bit about himself and the class he was teaching (Evidence); I found it pretty amazing that professors were so friendly and readily available to all students.

On my Classmates

I really enjoyed my first year with all of my classmates. We basically became one big family within a very short amount of time. Everybody is incredibly intelligent, which made for a stimulating classroom experience, and we could bounce ideas off one another. We were able to learn from and help each other through finals and other challenges.

On the Faculty

I don’t know what faculty is like at other law schools, but I’d like to think that our faculty is second to none. The professors are incredible. They are smart, kind, fair, and readily available whenever I need to talk to them. New England Law has done a great job employing such an amazing team of talented and caring people.

On Career Services

I love the people at the Career Services Office. My advisor, Nicole Park, has been incredibly helpful in guiding me through interview strategies and helping me make my résumé and cover letters the best they can be.

On Education

Though I have not started specializing in a particular area of law quite yet, my first year at New England Law definitely set me up for success for the years to come. My professors were clear and concise in their teaching, and I know I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills I gained to my summer internship.

On Experience

I’ve had a great experience at New England Law and will recommend this school to each and every single prospective law student I meet. I firmly believe that this school affords its students opportunities they would not get at other law schools.

One Piece of Advice for Someone Trying to Decide Where to Go to Law School

Take advantage of all support systems, classes, and events the school has to offer. Future law students at New England Law should take advantage of the mentorship programs, Academic Excellence Program, and Career Services Office. I got involved in all of those opportunities, and they made me feel much more grounded and secure in everything I was doing in law school. It’s easy to feel lost or helpless in such a vastly different environment from undergrad, and it can be a bit of a culture shock to some, but with help from my peers and New England Law staff and professors, law school has become a much more doable experience for me.