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George N. Malonoukos

BA, High Point University


Long Island, New York


George N. Malonoukos

Class of 2020

One of the best experiences I’ve had at law school.

The incredible friends I was able to make. Usually you hear of horror stories at law schools, but here I was able to connect with so many people that I truly felt I had a family supporting me during the pressures of 1L year.

Favorite class I’ve taken.

I enjoyed Torts the most because of Professor Wayne Lewis. His teaching style made the material stick.

Why did I choose New England Law?

The downtown Boston location and the small school experience, which is important for networking.

On my Classmates

Every class is unique; however, after getting to know the extraordinary people in my division, I would not want to experience 1L with any other group of people.

On the Faculty

Helpful and encouraging

On Career Services

Career Services is actually one of my favorite aspects of New England Law | Boston. I was very nervous when it came to applying to law firms throughout Boston, and Larissa Brewster in the Career Services Office helped guide me from my first draft of my legal résumé to celebrating when I chose the firm I felt best suited me.

On Experience


One Piece of Advice for Someone Trying to Decide Where to Go to Law School

Trust your gut and do what is best for you.