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Eva de Charleroy

BA, Syracuse University


English and Textual Studies


Syracuse, New York

Work Experience

Legal Intern, Rep. Joan Meschino of the 3rd Plymouth District

Extracurricular Activities

Secretary of Communications, Student Bar Association; Bar Representative, Themis; Marshal, Phi Alpha Delta; Student Ambassador, New England Law Office of Admissions; 1L Representative, Student Bar Association; Immigration Law Society

Eva de Charleroy

Class of 2021

Favorite class I’ve taken.

So far, my favorite class is Constitutional Law. The cases are interesting, and I am particularly interested in issues involving the 5th and 14th amendments, and areas such as Due Process, Equal Protection, and what constitutes a fundamental right. The Constitution provides a framework for the roots of our government and justice system, so this area of law ties other 1L classes together.

Why did I choose New England Law?

I chose New England Law not only for the competitive scholarship offered but for the sense of community I found while visiting. From the moment I was accepted, I was guided through the enrollment process and given prompt answers to any questions I had.

On the Faculty

The faculty here are amazing. After applying, every student I talked to at New England Law vouched for the dedication and skills of our professors. The resources of the faculty are unmatched; a professor here connected me to the representative I work for at the Massachusetts State House. If you ask the faculty for any assistance, they are more than willing to help.

On Career Services

Career Services here are great. Many schools lack direction for the question “what next?” but New England Law stands out. Each student is assigned a Career Services advisor, participates in a skills-building class as a 1L, and has access to job and internship offerings online. Career Services gives students templates and counseling for creating legal résumés and cover letters, as well as specific guidance for each career path.

On Experience

The stereotypes about law school being challenging are not an exaggeration, but there is no other place where I would rather work toward my goal. New England Law is a close community with supportive peers and endless opportunities for growth.

One Piece of Advice for Someone Trying to Decide Where to Go to Law School

Visit the school before you commit. Getting a feel for the environment should be one of your biggest deciding factors, but it’s often overlooked.