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Dayna DelMastro

BSBA, Merrimack College




North Andover, Massachusetts

Dayna DelMastro

Class of 2021

Favorite class I’ve taken.

Torts. Not only was the material interesting, but Professor Lisa Laplante made sure we understood the material. The classroom was very interactive, and discussions were encouraged. Torts were the most familiar to me at the time too, as I had no law background, so these were the types of lawsuits I had heard of.

Why did I choose New England Law?

I felt like New England Law wanted me for me. I wasn’t just a number. When I attended an open house, the community was warm and welcoming. It felt like something I wanted to be a part of. My acceptance letter had a handwritten note about my personal statement, which meant a lot to me. New England Law reached out to me in a variety of ways too, from inviting me to their Law Day ball to having students and faculty chat with me on the phone and answer any questions I had. No school went to the lengths New England Law did.

On my Classmates

New England Law does not have that typical “cut-throat” law school atmosphere. My classmates and I support each other, whether someone doesn’t understand the material or is having a personal issue. I think of my law school section as one big family. When I lost my grandfather right before finals, my classmates were beyond supportive. They were constantly checking in on me to see if I was okay, if I needed to talk, and if I was falling behind in my outlines. I’ve never received so many hugs, kind words, and even coffees. It’s easy to say New England Law is a great community during the good times, but it’s exceptional during the tough times too.

On the Faculty

The faculty genuinely cares if you understand the material, and they want to get to know you. Most of the professors want to set up lunches with small groups of students to get to know you outside of class. I think that’s something unique to New England Law.

On Alumni

Eager to help those who go to New England Law. They all have great experiences to share of their time at New England Law and really want to help us out any way they can. They are really proud of their decision to attend the school.

On Career Services

Career Services is dedicated to helping you in any way they can, whether it’s résumé help, cover letter drafting, mock interviews, or just calming your nerves about the future. Career Services puts on networking events and gives you great tips to make you feel comfortable in the real world. Their job postings are also very helpful, not only for landing your first 1L internship, but also for seeing the possibilities and post-grad jobs. 

On Education

I have learned so much. As a 1L you constantly feel like you do not know enough, but when exam time came, I felt very prepared. The professors are incredibly intelligent, the textbooks are relevant, the Academic Excellence Program prepares you through practice problems, and your peers are ready and willing to study with you. When you watch the news, you’ll see the legal aspects behind issues you didn’t understand before. You think about everyday life differently.

On Experience

I have nothing but positive things to say about New England Law. 

One Piece of Advice for Someone Trying to Decide Where to Go to Law School

Ask current students why they chose the school. You’ll probably see patterns, so think about how those answers match your values. There are many factors in choosing a school: the area of law you want to practice, distance from where you live and transportation options, surrounding restaurants, the library, etc. But I think the most important factor is the community. Law school is hard, and you want to pick somewhere you would feel comfortable even on your worst day.