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Ashley Owens

BA, East Carolina University


Political Science and Communications


Greenville, North Carolina

Prior Work Experience

Courier/Office Assistant, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP

Work Experience

Summer Intern, Crowley & Cummings, LLC

Extracurricular Activities

Chief Justice, Student Bar Association; Vice President, Federalist Society; 1L Representative, Veterans Advocacy Society; Student Ambassador, New England Law Office of Admissions; Social Committee, Student Bar Association

Ashley Owens

Class of 2021

Favorite class I’ve taken.

I loved Civil Procedure. I learned so much about the civil litigation process, and why and how cases get filed when and where they do. It is probably the most challenging class offered 1L year, but if you give the class the appropriate amount of attention, it becomes so fascinating.

On my Classmates

Diverse! Everyone comes from so many different walks of life, and everyone’s journey is so unique! You encounter people who you would have not ordinarily been friends with in your everyday life and somehow you still bond. Most of my classmates are truly remarkable people, and I am so excited to see where our journeys take us.

On the Faculty

Accessible! They want you to succeed and they will go above and beyond to help. If you put in the work, they will do extra work to help you. They aren’t scary, and they aren’t uninterested. They are a valuable resource not just for your academic success but your success with internships. 

On Alumni

Amazing! They want to make a name for New England Law. They want to see students succeed as their future peers. I have yet to find an alum who does not make themselves available to give guidance. (And everyone I have met with has bought me a beer, so I have zero complaints!)

One Piece of Advice for Someone Trying to Decide Where to Go to Law School

Go where you feel comfortable and where you think you will succeed. The name of your alma mater doesn’t make you a great attorney; your drive and dedication does.