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Arleigha Cook

BA, Trinity College




Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Work Experience

Contracts Manager, Brightcove Inc.

Arleigha Cook

Class of 2021

Why did I choose New England Law?

The atmosphere at small schools like New England Law encourages student-professor interaction. When I visited larger schools, the professors seemed less accessible. My visit to New England Law was different from the other schools; the professors genuinely wanted to connect with students, and I even received a congratulatory phone call from the admissions office upon my acceptance.

On the Faculty

The faculty at New England Law are engaging, driven, and accommodating. For evening students, finding a time to meet with a professor can be challenging because most of us work during the day, but it’s a lot easier when your professors are willing to put in extra effort to ensure evening students have the same access to academic support as day students.

On Experience

The New England Law community’s supportive atmosphere sets it apart from other law schools. My experience here, while academically challenging, has been encouraging from the beginning. New England Law has an invaluable Academic Excellence Program that helps first-year law students (and beyond) acclimate to studying the law, with class-specific practical advice for exam preparation. There is also a general sense among the students, and especially the evening students like myself, that they are “in it together” rather than competing against each other—and that has been particularly helpful to many of us.