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Anna Madrishin

BS, Ohio State University


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Anna Madrishin

Class of 2020

Why did I choose New England Law?

My methodology for choosing a law school was very unique. After I narrowed down my search to a few final contenders, I went to visit the schools but decided to not register for a formal tour. I usually would walk in the school and roam around as if I was a student to get the true feel of the law school. When I walked into New England Law, the security guard immediately stopped me and said, “How may I help you?” I said I was a perspective student, so they permitted me to sign in and walk around. As soon as I got up to the third floor, a girl again stopped me and asked, “Are you new here? I do not think I’ve seen you before.” This was when I got a true feel for the community at New England Law. At that point, I knew I would most likely commit to the school, because this incognito tour was nothing like I experienced at other schools. After that, my initial assessment of New England Law was solidified at the admitted student open house event. The Dean, professors, and current students were engaging and honest. That’s when I officially committed to the school.

On Career Services

First of all, the people who work in career services are superheroes. My 1L year I always “joked” that I was the most stressed-out student. Over winter break, I applied for a prestigious fellowship. I was constantly in Larissa Brewster’s office asking for feedback and help. She graciously listened to my concerns and gave me amazing tips. Because of her time and patience, I ended up getting an interview for the desired fellowship. Larissa conducted mock interviews with me to prepare me for the interview. I was offered the fellowship post-interview and proudly accepted the position. I truly do not think I would have been a Rappaport Fellow if it was not for Larissa’s help. Today, I feel I have the tools to better manage the stress of job applications. I always rely on the New England Law Career Portal and find many amazing openings via the website. Applying to internships is easy, and the portal is very easy to navigate. And if I have a question or concern, I know I can always email Larissa.